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Password Security (Part 2)

In password security part 1, I explained about the importance of having a strong password as the first and most important line of defence in any security strategy. I also gave you a site that allowed you to test how secure your password is (testing is essential in...

Free Stuff! – A Free Word Processor

I like free stuff. Of course the problem with that is that often they don't meet the standards of what I want from the said product. When it comes to office products(word processor, spreadsheet) , I have tried Libre Office as a free alternative to Microsoft Word, but...

Password Security (part 1)

Password security is, to me, the first (and most important) line of defence in the battle against hackers and cyber criminals. It's also the least high tech, the most ignored and abused line of defence. It's human nature to look for the super, high tech, bells and...

More on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence

More on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Currently there is a disagreement going on between two of the inhabitants of the upper echelons of the modern tech world, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk about the dangers of artificial intelligence. (I am going to assume everyone reading this knows who both of these...

Why The Petya Virus Hit So Hard

Why The Petya Virus Hit So Hard

It has been a while since I looked up a Microsoft security bulletin. There is no reason to keep up with security bulletins if you are not working in a particular space. The landscape changes pretty quickly, and old information is useless. However, when the Petya Virus...

All-Flash… Technology Advances Yet Again

I'm  a technophile (a lover of technology). So I get excited over the strangest things. Anyone who has read the blog before knows that I am a great fan of the move towards cloud services for one thing. But all technical progress is exciting to me. So as I'm going...

Government Blocking Sites? No Problems. Use A VPN

The Australian government, late to the party as always, has ordered ISPs to block traffic from torrent download sites. It's very interesting timing in my view. Right now torrent sites are probably not as popular as they once were, thanks to services like Stan and...

Why Your Website Should Have HTTPS

Why Your Website Should Have HTTPS

If I say that Google is very powerful, I don't think I would have too many people disagreeing with me. Of course the internet being what it is, I'm sure I would have some people disagreeing, simply to be contrary. But in general terms the statement holds up pretty...

The ever shifting landscape of SEO

One of the most frustrating things in the life of a web designer is trying to navigate the minefield that is SEO (search engine optimisation). There is more utter rubbish written about this topic than probably any other topic on the web in my opinion. But why is there...