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All-Flash… Technology Advances Yet Again

I’m  a technophile (a lover of technology). So I get excited over the strangest things. Anyone who has read the blog before knows that I am a great fan of the move towards cloud services for one thing. But all technical progress is exciting to me. So as...

Government Blocking Sites? No Problems. Use A VPN

The Australian government, late to the party as always, has ordered ISPs to block traffic from torrent download sites. It’s very interesting timing in my view. Right now torrent sites are probably not as popular as they once were, thanks to services like Stan...

Why Your Website Should Have HTTPS

Why Your Website Should Have HTTPS

If I say that Google is very powerful, I don’t think I would have too many people disagreeing with me. Of course the internet being what it is, I’m sure I would have some people disagreeing, simply to be contrary. But in general terms the statement holds...

The ever shifting landscape of SEO

One of the most frustrating things in the life of a web designer is trying to navigate the minefield that is SEO (search engine optimisation). There is more utter rubbish written about this topic than probably any other topic on the web in my opinion. But why is there...

Content Is Still King

When it comes to SEO it appears that content is still king, over and above all the advice given by so called “experts”. I first wrote about this back in 2014. There’s a lot of bull written about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) . Why? Well because...

The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

What happens when Artificial Intelligence becomes smarter that man? A long time ago in the classic era of science fiction (the 40s and 50s, Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer coined the 3 laws of robotics. 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through...

The ABS Census Debacle

Most people in Australia know that the night of August the 9th was census night. What was new about this one is that this was the first one that could be filled out online. What most people also now know is that the online census was a complete failure. Tens of...

Adwords Campaigns – Are They Worth It?

For those of you who may not know, before I start writing about Adwords, let’s define what an Adword campaign is. When you do a Google search, there are two types of listings that come up. First, there are the “organic” search results. What we mean...

Google+ – It’s Only Mostly Dead

Google, at the time of writing of this post is the biggest company in the world by market capitalisation. What that means is that for the number of shares available for the company multiplied by the cost of each of these shares make it worth more than any other...

Has Virtual Reality Come Of Age?

Virtual Reality. It’s been the next big thing in computing for like.. well ever. But, like speech recognition, it has remained over the horizon for so long. That’s the thing with this tech explosion. Sometimes there are ideas that are great but their time...

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