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Free Stuff! – A Free Word Processor

I like free stuff. Of course the problem with that is that often they don’t meet the standards of what I want from the said product. When it comes to office products(word processor, spreadsheet) , I have tried Libre Office as a free alternative to Microsoft...
Why Your Website Should Have HTTPS

Why Your Website Should Have HTTPS

If I say that Google is very powerful, I don’t think I would have too many people disagreeing with me. Of course the internet being what it is, I’m sure I would have some people disagreeing, simply to be contrary. But in general terms the statement holds...

What Businesses Does A Facebook Presence Work For?

What kinds of businesses does Facebook work for? I recently made a blog post questioning the effectiveness of Facebook for small business. As I have got more and more into SEO, I have noticed what I would call the social media marketing merry go round. This is where...

Does Facebook Work For Small Business?

Having a Facebook page has become a standard requirement for any business. Social media is becoming something that small business is told is an absolute necessity to promote their business. But how much does a Facebook page really do for the business? Many of the...

Content is King

  Web design is important. You want to delight you users as soon as they come to your site. It is why all web designers constantly seek to keep ahead of the curve as far as emerging trends in web design are concerned. But as I have heard it described, the web design...