I recently pointed out that that Google Adwords was becoming so expensive that it was not cost effective for most small businesses

Of course there are pay per click alternatives to Google. One of those is Facebook. Facebook for those who don’t know (or more likely don’t care – there are people who are not into Facebook), Facebook is the number 2 most popular site in the world behind Google.

The stat is that fully 25% of Australian user’s time on the web is spent on social media sites such as Facebook.

But  – the fundamental difference between Google and Facebook is that people go to Google when they are searching for a specific thing – often a product or a service (97% of consumers use the internet to research purchases).

People go to Facebook to relax and play.

They look at photos their friends have posted and see what they have been up to. They play games. They chat to friends.

Now there is nothing wrong with this. For 50 years television has been a form of entertainment and been supported by advertising. So entertainment and advertising obviously mixes. Same as magazine and newspaper advertisements.

However, a recent consumer survey in the US said 62% of people surveyed said social media such as Facebook had no influence on their purchasing decisions whatsoever.

The effectiveness of Facebook advertising varies, depending on your business. The click through rate (That is how many people actually click on the advert) for health care is very low, but it gets steadily better the more entertainment oriented your business is.

It is something worth trying. But like any advertising you have to measure it and see how it goes. That is the key for any small business advertising. Knowing what advertising is resulting in sales.

Facebook advertising – effective or not?


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