To not put too fine a point on it, it’s all important.

Search engine optimisation is marketing. It’s a fairly simple concept. The more relevant visitors to your page, eventually the more sales. It’s simple eyeball mathematics. 

This is a new era. What people used to do was plonk their bums down in front of the television after the evening meal. The advertisers used to have a pretty captive audience. Three commercial TV channels.

Then there was print. The daily newspaper circulations were huge.

Finally there was radio. That was it. Three major mediums on which to spread your message.

Now as we know, the world is a lot more diverse.

Free to air? I dunno. How many channels are there these days? Fifteen or so? Then of course there is cable with x amount of channels on that too and the TV channels are streaming content online too.

Newspapers? Well they’re dying.  They give them away these days, yet you still won’t subscribe. All the news you could ever want is online. Why bother with a newspaper?

Radio? Well I’ll grant you. It still has a niche. I think it won’t change too much either, since it’s not like you can use anything visual while you are in your car.

Anyway, as we all know, where everything is heading is online.

The smart people are already moving to online places. People are stars just from Youtube clips.  Look at Psy, the Gangnam style guy. Became a world wide phenomenon from the film clip on Youtube.

Maybe you’ve heard of Jenna Marbles, maybe you haven’t. She’s made  a career out of silly 10 minute skits each week that are viewed by millions of people.

Even Jerry Seinfeld has moved online with his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

So the point is, where are you going to put your marketing effort?

Into things that are dying or something that is ever growing? When it comes to purchasing these days, 97% of people research purchases online before buying. It makes sense then if you are selling products to have product catalogues online, even if you don’t offer online purchases.

The first annual state of digital marketing survey found this:


Over 75% of digital marketing impact is derived from SEO and Pay per click efforts. (by the way B2B stands for business to business and B2C stands for business to customer). Notice that the biggest slice of  pie goes to SEO.

So if you’re serious about increasing traffic to your web page, get serious about SEO.

And of course it goes without saying that I can help.

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