Content Management Systems

A content management system is a system that is put in place so that once handed over, the website owner can make content changes to a website without having to engage the web designer all the time. As you can imagine this can get quite time consuming and costly. If, for example you have a restaurant web site and you want to change the menu, the prices, or the weekly specials, you don’t want to be paying out each time you want to do this. A content management system allows the website owner to take control of their own site.

I use and recommend WordPress as a content management system. The reasons for this are simple.

First and foremost it’s the most widely used content management system in the world.. by far. WordPress has a market share of 60% of the sites that use a content management system. The next closest has 9 %. What this means for you the customer is that you get a system that is well know by a lot of people around the world. This is really important for anything computer related. The less people who use a system, the less people who can maintain it for you, and the more they charge.

The next reason, and this is a very good selling point – it’s FREE! Yes free. which obviously means no extra cost for your project.

Now if you are running an existing website that isn’t running WordPress as a content management system, don’t panic. I can usually work in with whatever software you use.
And if you think it’s a good idea to add a content management system, I’m pretty good at adapting an existing website to WordPress.