I recently was asked to quote for a customer to do some SEO in his site. Naturally there are a couple of first steps in any job like this. The first is to do a search and see where they are currently ranking for major search terms relevant to their business. Then naturally you click the link to their site if you do find it.

Upon clicking the link I for this particular customer I found a half done site. What it brought to mind right away was that if I was searching for that  service and found this site I would most likely look for another provider of a similar service.

It made me realise that sometimes, SEO is useless if your site isn’t worth finding.

The site was done on one of the online platforms that allow people to develop their own websites. This is all very well to use one of these platforms, but if you don’t know what you are doing the results can be less than flattering.

Now let me make it very clear. This business actually has an excellent product. You just wouldn’t know it from their website.

The stats on the web as an advertising tool for your site are simple. Ninety Seven per cent of people who are looking for a service or a product research the purchase online as part of their decision making process.

Think about your own behaviour when you search for products. The web gives you a vehicle to quickly make comparisons about various service providers without leaving your home. Once you feel that you have found a business that looks like it can provide you with the quality of service you desire, you may contact them via phone and then finally make a purchase.

If you are confronted with an amateurish looking website, it is likely to makes you move on to the next business. Your website is a virtual shop window to your business. If you think of it in that way you realise that if you are out shopping in a physical sense, if you don’t like the look of the business shop front, you don’t even go in. It’s the same with a website.

This is why it is usually more cost effective to put website creation into the site of a professional. One ot the main things about small business people is that they are usually short of time. When they do try to create their own website, they invariably rush it and leave it half done.

I would compare the small business owner getting a website done in their spare time to the person who chooses to do a home improvement like a pergola in their spare time. It is half finished for months. This is fine for a pergola in your backyard. Not so good for your virtual shop front.

By contrast, a it is a professional web designer’s job to make the site complete. And of course every site they do is an advertisement for their business too.

Your web strategy needs to be complete. No point having great SEO and people finding your site if it isn’t worth finding.

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