Tap and pay smartphone

In the near future it’s going to become a WHOLE lot worse for you if you lose your phone.

For many people it’s a when, not if proposition. It’s a simple fact of life. It’s a small device you carry in your pocket. Things do happen to fall out of pockets.

Aside from that of course, smartphones are valuable. Valuable objects are subject to theft.

Now to mitigate against that, you can actually find your phone these days using your computer. If you have an Android phone, there is Android device manager. I recommend that all phone owners use this. It can locate your phone to within a few metres.

Iphone has the same feature too.

However, the worst can and does happen.

But why do you say it’s about to get worse?

Well the dependence on our phones is going to get a whole lot greater.  Talk about one device to rule them all!!

Firstly there’s Tap and Pay.

Tap and pay is where you install tap and pay software from your bank and your phone can be used as a paywave style credit card.

Lets face it, as time goes by, this is where the banks want us to head. This is what they do. Increase their use of technology to remove overheads. It started with ATMs, then online banking.

Now the next step is credit cards. For a bank it makes a lot more sense to roll out an app to customers than to keep having to mail out replacement credit card by surface mail. I would imagine that it is a lot more cost effective for them.

So that is here now, although I am not aware of too many people who use it now.  However, that will change within the next couple of years.

Next is the Smart Lock

A smart lock is a door lock that is controlled by your phone. It has a lot of advantages. For example, if you want to give a friend access to your house, you can SMS them access. A pretty handy feature I reckon.

But gee it gets bad now if you lose your phone. Yes people lose their keys. Yes people lose their wallets. And of course women get handbags stolen.

However, this now increases your risk. You don’t just lose your keys. You lose your keys, credit cards and phone all at once.  Definitely not a good idea for the absent minded.

So obviously the question is – with the advantages of new technologies like this, are you prepared to take the risk?

The August Smart Lock

Tap And Pay



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