USB drives. they are handy but they are also annoying. You always seem to forget to take them with you. Well I do anyway. OK, at this point someone is going to say, “Just attach it to your key ring” OK, OK.

But that’s not the point of this post. The point is that there is an alternative these days. On my Google drive I have 15 gigabytes of available storage. I backup important files to there. They are safe provided Google does not go out of business. (This may sound like a ridiculous statement now but the tech arena is littered with the wreckage of companies that went from number one to obscurity)

Now, provided you can get access to WIFI, (which these days is not a completely safe bet, but it’s getting there) you have access to your files.

In the centre of Adelaide (South Australia for anybody reading from elsewhere) now there are free WIFI hotspots that you can use. So you can go to a business meeting in a cafe and have your stuff there.

You can also put Google drive drive on your phone, so your storage is at your fingertips where ever you have you phone. You might leave your USB at home, but most people don’t go anywhere without their phone.

In addition to this, Google has an online word processor and spreadsheet. OK, it’s not at powerful as Microsoft Office products, but for basic operations, which is usually what most people need it’s there.

The future of most information is online. CDs are out (does anyone still use them?) DVDs are on shaky ground. I think also that the USB drive has an end date.

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