In these days of many options for building web pages yourself, why would you hire a web designer?

It’s a fair question. The best answer I think for this is that there are many things that people can do themselves that they don’t these days. Everything is a trade off.

You can mow your lawns yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. If you are handy, you can do home improvements, like painting the house, tiling, putting up pergolas or whatever else you can think of.

However, there is always a time penalty. Sure you can put a web page together in maybe 10 hours of your time (perhaps less, perhaps a lot more, depending on the complexity of your design). You’ve saved yourself $500 dollars, right? Yeah but you have also lost a weekend. Those are the trade offs you make.

Small business people especially are always busy

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything you want done. Often the people running small businesses are doing things like admin and paperwork on a Sunday evening while watching TV, because it’s the only time they get to do things like this.

So, if you’re time poor, sometimes it makes sense to just hire someone

But apart from that, what are your needs for a web site? If they are very standard, off the shelf needs; i.e. a simple informational site, it may be easy to create a page with a standard web designing tool. If they are more complex, what then?

A professional web designer has an in depth knowledge of the latest trends in web design. He/she understands HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SQL, WordPress, mobile optimisation, SEO et c. Do you? Do you really want to?

So that is what you’re hiring you hire a professional designer. You hire expertise in a very complex field. You hire someone who takes away all the difficulties associated with developing a web presence.

In addition to that, a website is an exercise in company branding and marketing. Companies that grow, companies that become big tend to emphasise the importance of branding and marketing and spend accordingly. Small businesses that remain small businesses usually do so because they look to cut corners. A good web page is a vital window to your business and not where you want to cut corners.

You don’t just hire a web designer; you hire a web strategist

You hire someone who can advise you on the whole spectrum of web design. From the page development, to branding, to social media strategy. That’s why you hire a professional web designer.


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