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I love computing. I consider myself a very fortunate person to have been able to spend all of working life working in a variety of computing fields.

I have always worked on the cutting edge of computing technology. These days the cutting edge of technology is web based, so naturally that is where you will find me.

But what does this mean for you, the person reading this who needs a website? It means that what you get is someone who is a craftsman, someone who seeks excellence in computing every day.



Everybody loves getting a parcel in the post. I know I do. The anxious wait, like when you were a kid waiting for Christmas, then finally it arrives.

I have noticed recently that I have started to purchase more and more online. I purchased my most recent laptop online. I even purchased a mattress recently! Imagine that. You don’t think about a mattress being something to order online but you can.

In the past, I’ve liked the convenience of just going to shop and picking up the product I want that day, but when you’re getting a better quality product for a lower price, you simply have to change your ways.

Gee, the local store were going to charge $85 for the delivery of the mattress. The mattress I got just was shipped to me with the delivery included in the cost. It was still cheaper than the store (and better quality too).

With the laptop, it was $300 cheaper than a similarly spec’d one at the local shop.

I say I do like the convenience of just going to the local shops. But what if the shop isn’t on my normal daily commute? Then it’s a special trip. You may not get time to make that special trip for days. In fact by the time you get round to going to that shop, if you had ordered the product online, it would already be at your doorstep.

And what about the time taken to get to the shop? And the traffic, and parking? Versus parcel turns up on doorstep. Wow, even if you have to pay postage, it’s better than having to do all that, especially if you’re time poor like so many people these day.

It’s for reasons like these than people are turning more and more to online shopping. If you’re selling any product that could be delivered and you’re not selling online, you’re getting left behind.

Not only that, but you may find that it’s a time saver, freeing hours from their day. The products are selected and ordered and the payment made all via the web interface. The only thing left to do is arrange for delivery.

Internet shopping has reached maturity and if you’re not on board, you need to act.

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